Making it easier to control access and live monitoring throughout your home or complex from any mobile device.

“Our complex is no longer spending countless hours retrieving and reprogramming remotes”

Daniel Claasen – Fourways, Johannesburg


Future proof residences with our range of task specific technologies that integrate seamlessly across all the most important facets of managing access to units.

IntelliAccess™ Features

Web & Mobile Driven

Digital Key allocation and management happens on an easy to use website or mobile app.

Easy Setup

We help you with the initial setup and from there, your owners and tenants can generate and manage their own keys.


With digital encryption on par with banks, all keys and information is kept safe from prying eyes.

Access from Anywhere

Whether you are inside your home or on the other side of the world. Easily view and manage access to your complex.

Digital Keys

The IntelliAccess™ "Control System" is an integrated smart technology system that takes a holistic view of Access Control and all the mainstream elements that need to be considered.

Important points to remember
Visitor Pin allocation (time specific)
Domestic cleaning & gardening services PIN (specific date, day of the week and time accessibility) entrance and exit
Integrates with IntelliCAM™, to keep 30sec surveillance footage of each entrance and exit usage of pin.
No pin duplication
Easy to setup


This Pin Pad is as tough and durable as it is SMART. With its unique capability of managing, monitoring and keeping history logs in the IntelliRES™ server of just under 10000 individual pin code combinations at any given time, turns this easy to use pad into a must have at any entrance control gate, to ensure accountability in every situation.

Important Points to remember Specifications
Fully installed Small: Only 90mm x 60mm x 20mm
Backlit Keypad Durable ISO 9600 stainless steel
Weather, vandal and tamper resistant Wifi Receiver


The integration of the highly acclaimed Foscam Outdoor cameras, into the IntelliCAM™ System, with its array of special features in individual cameras, such as Zoom capabilities, Infra-red and Night vision, gives IntelliCAM™ an advantage over even the most sought after systems in the market.

24 Hour Surveillance on your mobile device via IntelliRES™ app from anywhere in the world (see what is happening at home)
Remote Activation / Deactivation via IntelliRES™ App
Integration with the IntelliPIN™ monitors gate access and stores video clips of each entry
The device securely connects to your Wi-Fi network to transmit high quality, reliable video surveillance. All recordings are date and time stamped for ease of archive and retrieval.

IntelliAccess™ Screenshots


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